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Another Spring- first time Allergy

It’s been a week now that i did not do much. I just didn’t felt right. I am sneezing a lot, i have itchy eyes and nose but since i never experience seasonal allergy so i didn’t bother to take medicine. We live in a place that the weather is unpredictable so whenever it’s sunny outside. My son and i try to enjoy the weather. So this week my son catch colds and is coughing. So i give him cold and cough syrup and then i catch colds and coughing too. ┬áBut my son is getting better now but I’m still didn’t feel good. So we went to see a Dr. yesterday and found out i have allergy. Great! So doctor said if i don’t take medicine it will not get better. So i don’t have choice but take medicine for allergy and amoxicillin for my brochitis. Thank you spring. Now, i am still not 100% good but looking forward to get over this allergy and cough.

Sorry guys for telling my boring story this week. What else i can share maybe next time it’s a happy one. Thanks for dropping by!

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